Review: The Anomaly by Michael Rutger

FullSizeRender copy 8.jpgGenre: Science Fiction Thriller

Rating: 3.0/5.0 Stars

Main Takeaway: A unique thriller with unexpected twists around every corner. Exciting, yet a bit overzealous on the weird factor.

Nolan is the host of The Anomaly Files, a web series in which he and his crew seek to find those unique, outlandish moments in history that have been hidden away. In search of a once-reported-but-never-seen-again cave full of wonders in the Grand Canyon, this amateur archeologist, his crew, a journalist, and their new sponsor find themselves stuck in life or death circumstances in which allegiances are questioned, fears must be tackled, and the impossible comes to life. Nolan and his crew must discover why former explorers tried to hide this cave, if they are to save their own lives.

The Anomaly was anything but predictable. In the beginning, I thought Rutger was taking this story down a cheap horror movie path a la The Descent. You know, that wonderfully terrible movie where those girls go spelunking, get lost, and discover an underground species of blind man-eaters with super-hearing? Full of plenty “is she crazy or is this real?” moments? No, just me?

ANYWAYS, The Anomaly veered far from what I expected. While I was invested in Nolan and the others’ survival and needed to know the answers to all my questions, this book took a decidedly strange couple of turns. Ultimately, I think Rutger took on some concepts that were a bit more than he could chew; while the survival-ism, the fear, the humanity of the characters was stellar, the actual mechanics of the science-fiction-fantasy part felt under-cooked and, at times, forced. I enjoyed reading The Anomaly, but in the end I felt less than mesmerized with this book.

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