Review: Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage

FullSizeRender-1 copy 4.jpgGenre: Thriller

Rating: 2.5/5.0 stars

Main Takeaway: An overhyped and underwhelming story that lacks a true climax. I expected much more, and finished the book disappointed.

Suzette wants to be the perfect mother to Hanna and wife to Alex. Five-year-old Hanna thinks mommy is evil, though, and is trying to steal daddy away all for herself. As Suzette and Alex attempt to find a school that will take Hanna, she barks and scares her way out of every place and grows increasingly violent, refusing to let Suzette get rid of her. Needing to free herself and her father from the disastrous clutches of her mother, Hanna makes a plot to get rid of her mother once and for all.

Baby Teeth is one of those books. You either love it, or you hate it. It could be the psychological exposition you’ve been dying to read, or the most anti-climactic book of all time. While Baby Teeth has been getting rave reviews left and right extolling the suspense, its ability to address a controversial topic, and the creep-factor, Baby Teeth fell flat for me.

Perhaps for me, Baby Teeth was trying way too hard to be controversial, and it just came off very black-and-white. I was expecting so much more from this book… a dramatic attempt on Suzette’s life that would bring a finality to the situation… a dark and tragic ending, maybe… really, anything more than the climax-less story and squeaky-clean ending Stage provided.

Like I said, Baby Teeth is a love it or hate it kind of book, and it’s not for everyone. But hey, that’s fiction for ya, and I will concede that I was pretty creeped out by this book. This story had promise, which ultimately felt unfulfilled.

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